Oct 13, 2010

PyMES in the Age of Obama

Soliloquio del dueño de una pequeña empresa en EEUU, muy bueno :

For the umpteenth time this year I find myself in the middle of the night sweating out yet another payroll. The persistent numbers tallied on each side don't work. If I pay myself I can't pay rent. If I pay the supplier I can't pay the taxes. If I pay the accountant, I can't pay the utilities. On and on it goes and it didn't used to be this way. My business is related to the construction industry and we've seen an 80% decrease in revenue while getting stuck with bills and loans and even advertising geared to the previous income.

My company used to pay the bills it had incurred and the bills of seven other families. Now, it can't even pay the bills of the two of us left. I've done all I can to bring the expenses down: I've readjusted loans; I've sold equipment; I've dropped lines of work that were labor intensive; I've dropped phones no longer needed; I've used up as much of the paid for supplies as I had laying around the shop; I've done as much of the mechanic work as I could do myself, with the tools I have [...].

So, when Obama comes up with SBA loans for all of us small business people, we laugh. What good is another loan we can't pay for? Tax credit? What on earth am I supposed to do with a tax credit? A tax credit on what? I am LOSING money, I don't need to offset GAINS, moron. The ability to depreciate equipment purchases immediately instead of over five years was a good idea, if I needed MORE equipment, but not if I need LESS. [...]

Denle una mirada, es muy interesante, y aplicable 100% a la Argentina de la matriz redistributiva.


  1. Es tremendo. Quiero creer que en algún momento serán capaces de salir de semejante locura.

  2. Gracias, for linking my post:
    dueno de una pequena empresa en EEUU.



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