Jun 14, 2011

Rule 5 Gallery

Dedicated to Soylent Green (our partners in sharing beauty) and The Other McCain (in allegiance to Rule 5 To Get A Million Hits On Your Blog).

NSFW - Click for considerable embiggement, or your money back.

UPDATE : Our first Stacylanche ! Welcome everybody, feel free to explore our blog, it's in Spanish but there's a lot of material in English too. But if you just came here because of Rule 5, grab a cup of your beverage of choice and head for our Opiladies Archives.


  1. Ya mande un mail a Rule5, espero que el domingo nos pongan un link.

  2. Voy a seguir arruinando computadoras...
    Asi no se puede viejo!

    Hay una para cada dia de la semana.
    Que espetáculo!

    (los findes son para la jabru ;) jeje)

  3. Caliente, Mike.

    The Rule 5 Wombat should be impressed.

  4. I needed a good motivation to learn Spanish. I think I just found it.

  5. Glad we can help you, John, stay tuned ;)


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