Mar 28, 2009

Attack of the Second Life Menger Sponges !

I was banned from my homeland. i was chased as a madman, a charlatan. Outlawed in the world of science... which previously honoured me as a genius... Now here... in this forsaken sandbox hell... I have proven that I am all right! I shall show the world... that I can be its master! I shall perfect my own race of Menger Sponges, that will conquer Second Life !! [sinister laughter] *

This is a Level 3 sponge... by using a tweak on level 1, I managed to build it with just 2,400 prims (I caused the dreaded "parcel full" message in 2 sandboxes until I found one large enough). Can't be linked together, of course, so it's living in pieces in my inventory.

A Level 4 sponge would take 48,000 prims to build so i guess it will remain a theoretical exercise for the time being.

* with my apologies to Bela Lugosi


  1. Si, la esponja ideal es un fractal (recursivo y autosimilar), que se parece a un cubo si lo miras de lejos y sin los lentes.

    Este que yo hice es una etapa inicial en la construccion del mismo (que es infinita, obviamente). Hay locos que estan construyendo modelos de nivel 4 usando business cards dobladas...


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