Feb 27, 2012


This is John Galt speaking, bro :

If you don't think the entire world is completely fucked, you're not paying attention. Yeah, it's pretty bad out there. But until you realize why things are so out of hand, it's only going to get worse. So listen the fuck up.

Rocks don't have morality because they're not alive. Plants can't be criminals because they can't make choices. 'Right' and 'wrong' describe choices, and every one of you has a fundamental choice: to live or to not live. And since bros are the smartest fucking things in the world, we survive by using our brains. When bros think, they live, and they find happiness. Oh shit, you have to think to be happy? Yup. Rational men are happy men, which is why free trade is so fucking sweet - it lets two thinking bros make a deal, and trade what they have for what they want. Guess who comes out ahead when two bros trade: Both bros. Otherwise, they just wouldn't trade.

On the other hand, 'sacrifice' is fucking stupid, and no thinking being would do it. Don't try to tell me it's 'right' to give up what I have so someone else can get what they want. If it's 'right' that I take less, why is it 'right' that they get more? Because I earned it and they didn't? Does that strike no one else as completely back-asswards? Why the hell am I evil because I have things and they don't? NEWSFLASH: I earned my shit. Before I could have things, I had to make things; if they don't have anything valuable, it's because they don't make anything valuable, which falls right over here into what I like to call the "Not My Fucking Problem" column.

You think the workers are the victims of capitalism? Seriously? If working conditions suck that much, then just... stop working. If you really are contributing more than you're getting, then your demands for more will be answered; otherwise, stop fucking whining. There is no such thing as class conflict, not when everyone is rational - hell, workers benefit more than anyone else. So sorry we invented disease-free crops that lower food prices and engines that cheaply deliver food across the country. Why yes, I would like to get paid $25 for saving you $50. Sorry for partying.

The entire morality of the world tells me I'm guilty for thinking and knowing, creating and trading; for some reason, the soul and the body are incompatible, so I have to kill my body to 'liberate' my soul, whatever the fuck that means. Death is the highest value. That shit doesn't make sense, and as you'd guess, it doesn't last long; but when things go wrong for unthinking idiots, they expect the greatest of us to pay off their debts just because we can.

You make life hardest for the greatest bros, the ones who make your life easiest; the more we make, the more you take. Calling it 'taxes' doesn't make it right; it's theft. We've stood by and let it happen, unable to believe that anyone could really be that dumb. Well, Fuck. That. Noise. That ends right now. We are done being made to feel guilty, being blamed and hated, because we make shit happen. We're done being sacrificed. When you make criminals out of the men who build you houses, don't complain when you have to live in caves, bro. There's a guy who built a thing that lets you fly through the sky in an air conditioned room. Of course he's rich, because flying is fucking awesome and people will pay him to do it. If your world says he's evil, I don't want to live in it.

When you're ready for us to fix shit because you know we can, let us know. We'll be waiting. Until you start thinking, it's only going to get worse out there.


  1. Para aclarar un poco, esto es el discurso de John galt en "Atlas Shrugged", reducido a su esencia y presentado en lenguaje llano y coloquial.

    Imaginen la voz de Barney Stinson cuando lo lean.

    Lo estoy traduciendo al argentino.

  2. Espero leerlo pronto Mike!

  3. Dense una vuelta por los coments. no tienen desperdicio. Pareciera que las objeciones al capitalismo son universales.
    Y la idea de que el capitalismo es lo que vivimos actualmente también.
    Como ha ganado la batalla ideológica la izquierda progre pedorra!!!


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