Nov 19, 2012

"No es la soja, estupido!"

Ivan Carrino, de Libertad y Progreso te canta la posta y te cuenta en lenguaje sencillo como no se condice el "relato oficial" de la relacion entre la inflacion y el aumento de las materias primas.


  1. Me ganaste Max :), lo vi en lo del amigo Jose Benegas.

  2. Totalmente OT, pero quiero compartirlo

    by Michael Cloud
    Privatize Business!

    "Business interference in government is the main cause of today's economic meltdown and recession," argue liberals.

    "Government intervention in business is the primary reason for the mess," say conservatives.

    They're each half right.

    There are two inseparable root causes of today's economic mess: business meddling in government -- and government meddling in business.

    Why did America establish the separation of church and state? Two reasons: to prevent religion from corrupting and dominating government -- and to keep government from corrupting and dominating religion.

    For the same two reasons, libertarians advocate the separation of business and state. To prevent business from corrupting and dominating government -- and to keep government from corrupting and dominating business.

    We can take one simple step in this direction: privatize business!

    Get business's hands off government. Get government's hands off business.

    All governments: federal, state, and local. And their agencies.

    End and legally forbid all government subsidies to business.

    Outlaw all government loans to business.

    Forbid all government loan guarantees to business.

    Outlaw all government insurance guarantees to business.

    Forbid all government liabilities for business.

    End all special tax benefits to favored or privileged businesses. Any and all special exemptions, deductions, deferrals or other tax advantages must be given to all businesses. No business is more equal than other businesses.

    Outlaw all special government benefits to relocate or attract foreign or out-of-state business.

    And -- give back 100% of these tax dollars to taxpayers. Every year.

    Privatize business!

    Private risks and private choices.

    Private assets and private liabilities.

    Private profits and private losses.

    Private insurance and private risk.

    Private businesses are responsive to and accountable to their customers.

    In a private enterprise system, businesses reap what they sow.

    Good private businesses attract more customers and investors. They make profits.

    Bad private businesses repel customers and investors. They incur losses.

    In a private enterprise system, good business practices pay off. Reckless and irresponsible business practices cost their users dearly.

    When we privatize business, innocent taxpayers will never be forced to pay for the risky and unwise business decisions of others.

    When we privatize business, unsuccessful companies will suffer the consequences of their actions -- but they will NOT be able to impose their costs and consequences on successful companies.

    Private enterprise is a system that encourages and rewards business virtue.

    Privatize business!


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