Nov 26, 2008

The People's Cube goes to the Red Square !

Comrades !

In the glorious month of October 2007, answering the call of the Party and the Motherland, the collective of Second Life gathered and built a monument to enshrine the supreme ideal of Equality of Results. And so the Virtual People's Cube was created, thanks to the hard labor of thousands of peasants, factory workers, and members of the unwashed masses. This historical event was documented in this post, which in turn was linked by the Kommisar himself.

Now, over a year after that event, and as a tribute to the glorious workers who gave their lives to build this monument, the People's Cube was displayed on parade on Second Life's own Red Square ! Behold the Priumph of the People's will !

Comrade Mike, from the Buró of Central Planning, poses here with the Cube (the cube is the one on the left).

A closer view of the Pokrovskiy Cathedral.

Mavzoléy Lénina, the final resting place of the great Leader. He would have been proud of the human cost of building the Cube.

Here, embalmed and preserved for posterity, is the leader of the masses, whose indomitable spirit is a source of eternal inspiration for progressives worldwide. You can't take pictures inside the real-life mausoleum, but in Second Life that restriction was generously lifted by the Politburó.

Glory to the Second Life collective ! Glory to the fallen comrades ! Glory to socialism !.

Now go to the People's Cube, will ya ?


  1. Hay que seguir insistiendo porque en algún momento seguro que sale bien.

  2. Muy bien, bien abrigadito.

    Leninismo para todo, especialmente para los kúlaks.

  3. Esto ya fue re-posteado en el People's Cube por el camarada Oleg ! Acá está

    Made my day :)))


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