Oct 13, 2007

The People's Cube meets Second Life !

Comrades !

With the help of the tools provided by the Central Bureau from Second Life, and the iron will instilled in me through years of socialist education, and the guide from our glorious Party leaders, I managed to build, for the benefit of the collective of course, a monument that emboldens, enshrines and embiggens the Supreme Ideal of Equality of Results.

Behold the triumph of Socialism ! The People's Cube now stands tall in the hills of Second Life, as a beacon for people from all places to come and submit to the State's will, and also as a garrison to protect the Motherland from imperialism and free market.

Building the structure.

Thanks to Centralized Planning, this is an easy task that can be accomplished with simple household tools. I hadn't any, therefore I had to fill the forms in triplicate and wait four months to get them. Glory to Socialism !

Posing for the New Man atop of the People's Cube statue
(due sometime in 2032)

Alternate name proposed : Fight for your right to join the Party

Formal Inauguration

The Party provided fireworks to mark the formal inauguration of the monument. Peasants and workers from every collective farm and factory in Second Life gathered at the common. The above picture doesn't properly reflect the vast size of the masses so here's a reeducated image :

Much better.

This is a humble tribute to Oleg's website, one of the funniest places in the 'net. Get your lazy, capitalistic ass there, now !

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