Jul 28, 2010

Lo de siempre

Lo decimos acá y se escucha el clásico "cric cric" de los grillos. Lo escriben en Samizdata, y se rompen las manos aplaudiendo.

Blogger Eric Raymond - who plainly is not on Steve Jobs' Christmas card send-out list, points out the less-than-stellar launch of the new version of the iPhone.

What is noteworthy, however, is that at least when a product is brought to market and there are problems with it, then as demonstrated by the Eric Raymonds of this world, a swarm of bloggers, professional product evaluation writers and magazine journalists can weigh in. Capitalism will force Jobs and his colleagues to sort the matter out, in weeks, if not months, since otherwise the product and brand will be damaged with heavy losses.

Now compare this sort of process with say, a government project that involves spending billions of pounds of public funds on projects of questionable value, and consider how long it takes for a government to scrap such projects, admit they were wrong, etc.

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