Sep 4, 2009

En la misma línea que el "baloney detection kit" de Carl Sagan, 15 parámetros para detectar verso pseudo científico.

Infaltable en la cartera de la dama o el bolsillo del caballero:

1. Does the claim meet the qualifications of a theory?

2. Is the claim said to be based on ancient knowledge?

3. Was the claim first announced through mass media, or through scientific channels?

4. Is the claim based on the existence of an unknown form of "energy" or other paranormal phenomenon?

5. Do the claimants state that their claim is being suppressed by authorities?

6. Does the claim sound far fetched, or too good to be true?

7. Is the claim supported by hokey marketing?

8. Does the claim pass the Occam's Razor test?

9. Does the claim come from a source dedicated to supporting it?

10. Are the claimants up front about their testing?

11. How good is the quality of data supporting the claim?

12. Do the claimants have legitimate credentials?

13. Do the claimants state that there's something wrong with the norm?

14. Is the claim said to be "all natural"?

15. Does the claim have support that is political, ideological, or cultural?

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