Nov 6, 2012

A los políticos les encanta

Porque la perrada los tiene que ver haciendo algo en una emergencia. Pero si de que la oferta vuelva a normalizarse se trata, los controles de precios y el racionamiento van en exactamente el sentido contrario.

Si lo sabrán los argentinos:

Prices kept artificially low – prices forcibly prevented from reflecting the reality that gasoline and other staple goods are in unusually short supply – discourage the extra efforts required by suppliers in times of natural disasters to bring much-needed inventories to market. And in return for this dampening of efforts to increase supplies, New Jerseyians receive no off-setting benefits. Quite the contrary. At a time when being with family and neighbors is especially vital, price controls cause desperate people instead to waste long hours waiting in lines at gasoline stations and other retail outlets.

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