Nov 3, 2012

Pudriendo las vigas de Occidente

con la complacencia de sus idiotas.

Una foto reveladora y anticipatoria del no-futuro de Occidente.

The Qur'an teaches to kill in the name of Allah, it is their religious duty. Moslems that claim to be peaceful is due to ignorance of Qur’anic Law, so they follow a basic moral code which lies on the surface and can change at any time when they will embrace the call of Jihad and Sharia law. Most Moslems have never read the Qur'an or know the words and actions of their prophet Muhammad, which invol
ved deception, power and violence discarding all mercy and morality. Moslem countries control speech and education to protect Islam from criticism and keep Moslems ignorant of the truth thus keeping them from leaving the “faith”. Westernized Moslems believe that Islam is compatible to Judeo-Christian principles of peace and tolerance and use taqiyya to convince unbelievers that Islam is a religion of peace and not an ideology of hate and death. They even claim to love and respect Jesus, but neglect to mention that it is not Jesus of the Bible, but a Moslem Jesus who is but a mere prophet. Islam is not compatible with any other religion, society, or government. Islam seeks to control, dominate and devour everything and everyone. To believe otherwise is submitting to death. 
Dawn Ellen.

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  1. Ufff... no me arruine el día, DF.
    Esto sí que es pornografía.


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