Dec 4, 2012


No sé cuántas veces lo dije por acá, me alegra leerlo en Reason. Tan fuera del recipiente de conservas en desuso no estaba miccionando.

Si bien no es perfecto, el sistema de Canadá puede servir de modelo para una reforma del de Estados Unidos:

Canada’s provincial-nominee program is a model of economic enlightenment. Under this system, 13 provincial entities sponsor a total of 75,000 worker-based permanent residencies a year, and the federal government in Ottawa offers 55,000. Each province can pick whomever it wants for whatever reason—in effect, to use its quota, which is based on population, to write its own immigration policy.

Provinces may pick applicants left over from the federal program. They can also solicit their own applicants from anywhere in the world. In a direct attempt to poach talent from the U.S., some provinces are sponsoring H1-B holders stuck in the American labyrinth.

The government in Ottawa can’t question either the provinces’ criteria or their methods of recruitment. Its role is limited to conducting a security, criminal and health check on foreigners picked by the provinces, which has cut processing time for permanent residency to one or two years—compared with a decade or more in the U.S.

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  1. OT: Excelente publicidad, la verdad que hace rato que no veo algo tan bueno.


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